Monday, April 6, 2015

I AM THE WEAPON by Allen Zadoff (YA novel) (Gateway Readers Nominee 2015-2016)

Wow!  This was a great thriller and I predict a crossover YA novel adults will enjoy as well.  Boy Nobody is a well-trained killer.  He receives his instructions, becomes the new kid in school, befriends another student, and within weeks, there is a tragic death in that student's life and their new best-friend had disappeared.  But this time things are different.  The target is New York's well-loved Mayor and Boy Nobody is sent to befriend his beautiful daughter.  This is a tough assignment.  "Sam" is not only beautiful, she is smart and Boy Nobody begins to have feelings, not just for Sam, but normal feelings. Like he is a normal teenage boy again.  Like maybe he wants to change his life.  But "The Program" has control over him...and they are watching.

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