Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes 400 pages

Claire is a girl that nobody ever notices. She has spent her whole life invisible, even her parents have forgotten her at times. Nix is a Nobody, a boy who was raised as an assassin because he blends into everywhere. When Nix is assigned to kill Claire, he thought she would be is twelfth kill. What Nix did not expect was that Claire could see him, even when he was in the fade. Nix cannot follow through with hit. When he realizes that the Society sent more people after Claire, Nix decides to take Claire to a cabin in the woods. Nix realizes that some of his kills were of Normals, instead of Nulls (psychopaths). Nix starts to learn more about the Society that changes how he views things. Can Nix help save Claire from the Society or will he be their next victim? 

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