Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Witherwood Reform School by Obert Skye 231 pages

Well, this story proves that sometimes you don't get the happy ending you want from a children's book.  Poor Charlotte and Tobias have found themselves trapped at Witherwood Reform School.  It wasn't their fault...well, okay, there were the tadpoles in the gravy, but honestly...did they really deserve this?  Witherwood is awful.  Backbreaking chores, frightening staff, deadly animals in the garden, these are all most distressing. But they don't even get pillows on which to rest their heads at night!  Well, Tobias is determined to break out.  With luck, he and his sister will escape, track down their dad and live happily ever after.  Too bad luck seems to be in short supply these days.  I highly recommend this book to 4th graders and up.  It's funny, and like the blues, it kind of makes you realize your own situation isn't so bad after all.

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