Monday, November 30, 2015

Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt 276 pages

Wow.  This is another wonderful book from Lynda Mullaly Hunt.  I read One for the Murphys when it was on the Mark Twain nominee list and loved it.  When this one came in, I read the first chapter, as I do with new books, but I couldn't put this down.  It is a wonderful story about a girl who can't read.  The letters just dance all over the page.  She's become a master at avoiding reading in class, going so far as to be sent to the principal or the nurse.  When her regular sixth grade teacher takes maternity leave, Ally braces herself for a new teacher to disappoint afresh.  What she gets is Mr. Daniels.  He determines to not send her to the principal, and begins to notice how skillfully she avoids reading.  Ally is such a smart kid, and Mr. Daniels sees it.  He is the catalyst for a major shift in Ally's existence.  One that involves her realizing her potential and talents, rather than her shortcomings.  This was a beautiful, well-told story and was told in a believable voice for a twelve-year-old.  You really felt for Ally, and the end was worth every heartache.

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