Friday, December 18, 2015

The Black Mountain by Rex Stout 208 pages

This was a most unusual Nero Wolfe mystery.  The murder of Wolfe's longtime friend and owner of his favorite restaurant, Marco Vukcic, gets Wolfe moving.  He doesn't just leave his house, he leaves the country.  Archie is taken along and their roles are nearly reversed.  They travel to Italy and Yugoslavia, Wolfe being totally fluent in eight languages is fine.  Archie simply listens to the noises being made around him, with the agreement that Wolfe will tell him verbatim what was said later.  Archie has to pretend to be Wolfe's son and they have some pretty tenuous interactions with locals.  It's a very dangerous game to play and there's no guarantee they'll come home as winners...or even come home alive.  This was a very interesting and enjoyable story read by Michael Prichard.

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