Friday, December 18, 2015

Woundabout by Lev Rosen 278 pages

Connor and Cordelia have just lost both their parents in a terrible accident.  They lived on a capybara training ranch with their Dad and Pop, but one of the bombs being used to train the capybaras was faulty and killed everyone except Connor and Cordelia (young twins) and Kip, the runt of the litter of capybaras.  They are shipped off to live with their Aunt Marigold, who they've never met in person, in the strangest town on earth...Woundabout.  The town rests upon a steep, winding cliff where the winds are so strong, you fear you'll be blown off the cliff completely.  Connor and Cordelia keep seeing mysterious holes in parts of the city, they aren't large, and look vaguely mechanical.  The mayor gives them a less-than-friendly greeting, and informs them that not only are they banned from asking questions, they can expect to be shipped away to school after summer break.  There are no other children in the town, except a boy who doesn't live there, but whose family lives just outside of town.  When the children hear about a mysterious "thing" that has gone missing, they embark on an adventure that could change everything...but for better or worse?  Change is a very relevant theme throughout the story.  This was a great book.  It had a little mystery, a bit of light fantasy, some adventure and a lot of heart.  Highly recommended for children 3rd to 5th grade.

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