Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Only Game by Mike Lupica 320 pages

Jack Callahan is a star pitcher and short-stop for his baseball team. When his first practice of the new season is over, Jack tells his coach that he is quitting the team. No one understands why Jack made such a big decision when the Little League World Series is on the line. Ever since his older brother passed away, Jack feels that baseball is just not a big deal anymore.

Cassie Bennett is a star pitcher and short-stop for her softball team. She is the only person who believes that if Jack doesn’t want to play ball, then he doesn’t have to. Jack and Cassie form a friendship which leads Jack into coaching Cassie’s team. Along the way, Teddy joins the friendship. Jack starts to learn that he was not the cause of his brother’s death and he is allowed to play a game that he loves.

This was read by Keith Nobbs. 

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