Saturday, October 1, 2016

Took: a Ghost Story by Mary Downing Hahn 272 pages

Daniel and his family move to a new house in Brewster’s Hill, Massachusetts from Connecticut. However, this house is nowhere near new. Starting a new school, Daniel and his sister Erica, are picked on all the time. The only time other kids will talk to them, is to tell them about how a girl disappeared from their house. They also told them stories about an old witch who haunted the woods with her monster Bloody Bones, a man-eating razorback hog. While, Erica is scared of the woods, Daniel does not believe the stories.

After a while, Erica becomes distant from everyone but her doll, Little Erica. After a fight with Daniel, Erica runs away from him into the woods. After searching for her, Daniel heads back home thinking that Erica will be there waiting for him. When their parents return home from work, Erica is still missing. The whole town joins in the search until Selene, the last girl taken over fifty years ago, appears. The townspeople believe that Erica was taken by Auntie and they give up looking for her. Daniel tries to do everything he can to get back Erica, even facing Auntie. 

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