Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Blood of My Blood by Barry Lyga 480 pages

Barry Lyga concludes his I Hunt Killers trilogy with a thriller. Jazz, Connie, and Howie must fight to survive. Jazz is locked in a storage locker, bleeding out of a bullet hole in his leg. Connie is facing down the famous serial killer, Billy Dent. And Howie is laid up in a hospital bed.

After Jazz is discovered by the police and Connie jumps out a window to get away from Billy, all three teens end up in the hospital at the same time. Jazz learns from Connie that his mother is still alive and that Billy is keeping her hostage. Howie also informs Jazz, that he believes that his aunt is Ugly J, the crow king. Jazz vows to save his mother and to kill his father. While evading police, Jazz tracks his father back home, to Lobos Nod, back to where it all began. Jazz learns something terrifying news that changes his view on who the crow king really is.

Blood of My Blood does a good job of answering questions brought up throughout the series, except for what G stands for in G. Williams.

This was read by Charlie Thurston. 

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