Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Brotherhood by A.B. Westrick 368 pages

Shad and Jeremiah, two brothers, who live in Richmond, Virginia after the Civil War. It is up to them to help take care of their mother, having lost their father to the war. Jeremiah is not happy about how things have turned out. There are Yankees everywhere and the colored men are taking jobs from the white men for cheaper pay. Shad, is conflicted with his thoughts.

In exchange for helping colored school children learn to sew, Shad receives lessons on how to read. He starts to enjoy his time at the school, but he tries to hide what he is doing from his brother and other Klans members. Shad must learn what the word brotherhood means and just how far you will go for your brothers.

This was a preliminary nominee for the Mark Twain Awards. 

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