Thursday, January 14, 2016

Figment by Cameron Jace 260 pages

Alice is having a hard time telling reality from insanity ever since dealing with the Cheshire. Professor Pillar hasn’t been much help, he hasn’t contacted Alice since they returned from the Vatican. All over London, kids are being found with their heads cut off and stuffed into watermelons, this only means that only Wonderland monster has shown up.

The Pillar and Alice are trying to stop the Muffin Man from killing all of London, but Alice must return to Wonderland to see why the Muffin Man is the way he is. The Muffin Man is set out to hurt the Queen of Hearts after she made him sneeze so hard, his eye popped out as well as leaving his three children to starve to death. Alice, along with Lewis Carol, try to change the past by saving the Muffin Man’s children.

On top of everything else, Jack keeps reappearing and it is causing Alice to think she really is insane. After turning to the Pillar, she learns the real identity of Jack Diamonds. 

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