Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Shine Shine Shine by Lydia Netzer, 309 pages

I listen to most of the books I blog about, but my sister suggested this book to me and we had a print copy, but not an audio version, so I read this one.

This is a quirky book about Sunny, her husband Maxon, and their son Bubber.  Sunny was born with a condition that makes her completely bald.  Maxon and Bubber are both on the autism spectrum.  Sunny and Maxon have been in love since they were children.

Sunny is about 9 months pregnant, Maxon is on his way to the moon on a NASA mission and Sunny's mother, Emma is in a hospital dying.

Sunny and Maxon live in a perfect suburban house in a perfect suburban neighborhood and no one there knows Sunny is bald.  She took to wearing wigs before Bubber was born.  Sunny is holding it together until there is a car accident and her wig flies out the car.  The whole neighborhood now knows perfect Sunny isn't so perfect after all.  Will they still love her? 

Sunny and those of us lucky enough to read this story learn that we all have secrets we're glad the whole world doesn't know and no one is perfect and yes, we're still lovable anyway.

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