Saturday, September 17, 2016

Buzz Kill by Beth Fantaskey 384 pages

Millie Ostermeyer finds the dead body of the football team’s coach. Millie, being the reporter she is, wants to be the first and only reporter on the case for the school paper. However, she must overcome her rival reporter Vivienne for the story. While investigating at Coach Killdare’s house, Millie encounters Chase, the mysterious quarterback/new kid that no one knows about. Millie and Chase grow closer, but Chase’s past keeps him from getting too close to Millie. When Millie’s dad is accused of Coach Killdare’s, Millie will stop at nothing to clear her father, even if means accusing Chase. The identity of the real murderer is a shock.

This was ready by Erin Moon and is a nominee for the Truman Award.

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