Friday, September 2, 2016

The Worst Class Trip Ever by Dave Barry 224 pages

Wyatt Parker and the rest of his eight grade class is headed to Washington, D.C. on a class trip. While on the airplane, Wyatt’s best friend Matt believes that the two men behind them are terrorist and tries to get their backpack. This commotion almost gets the boys kicked off the trip and sent back home to Miami.

Things get interesting when Matt steals from the men and ends up getting kidnapped by them. Wyatt, his other two roommates, and Suzana (Wyatt’s crush) set out to retrieve Matt. Which does not go good for Cameron, who gets kidnapped himself after saving Matt.

Things get even more interesting when Wyatt and friends learn why the men are really in Washington, D.C. After everything is said and done, Wyatt ends up a hero to the President.

This was read by Todd Haberkorn. 

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