Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher 180 pages

Dear Committee Members is a book made up of letters of recommendations (LOR) written by Jason Fitger, a professor of English at a college in the Midwest.  His private life and his relationship with his colleagues, his ex-wife and an ex-lover are in a shambles and he laments his situation in many of these LOR.

The LOR include descriptions of the decrepit state of the building on campus that the English department occupies and discussions about Fitger’s book “Transfer of Affection”.  Fitger also spends a large amount of time touting the writing of one of his students, who may or may not have written a masterpiece.

The letters are entertaining and the concept is interesting.  I would recommend this book.

This book’s author, Julie Schumacher, wrote Black Box, which is one of the best teen novels I have read.

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