Friday, September 12, 2014

One Plus One by Jo Jo Moyes 384 pages

The only other book I have ready by Jo Jo Moyes is Me Before You, which I really enjoyed.  One Plus One is another good book, fast paced, with lots of twists and turns.  Jess is a single mother struggling to make ends meet while raising a ten year old daughter, Tanzie, who is a math genius, and a teen age stepson, Nicky.  Nicky is being bullied for being different, hints point to a Goth style of dressing and makeup wearing. 

The fourth main character in the book is Ed, who is well off and successful until he commits the crime of insider trading, at which point he is in danger of losing everything and going to jail.  Ed meets Jess and her tribe (she also owns a big smelly dog), and the story takes off from there.

This is one of those books where just when you think things cannot get worse, they do get worse.  However, things always seem to sort out and the story is a good one throughout.  The four characters alternate telling the story, and it makes for a really good read.

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