Wednesday, November 5, 2014

13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison 355 pages

One day I found myself without anything to read at lunchtime.  I went out and did a quick scan of our shelves down here in the Children's Department and this book jumped out at me.  It's the story of a girl, Tanya, who can see fairies, but that's not a good thing.  If she tries to tell anyone or get proof, they punish her.  These fairies aren't friendly, flitting from flower to flower nymphs.  They can be cruel and sadistic.  After a particularly aggressive reprimand from them, Tanya's mother decides she's too much of a handful for her, so she sends her to her grandmother's home for a couple months.  This is not a good thing, as far as Tanya is concerned.  She gets the distinct impression that her grandmother dislikes her and doesn't want her in her home.  Additionally, her grandma lives in the country and her home and its surrounding area are packed full of fairies.  Tanya has to navigate through all their mischief and try not to bring any more attention to herself than can be helped.  However, a strange gift from a local "witch" and a 50-year-old mystery are about to draw Tanya into more dangers than she ever would have imagined.  This is an excellent book that older kids and adults young at heart who enjoy the fantastic will really appreciate.

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