Thursday, November 6, 2014

Private Down Under by James Patterson adn Michael White 345 pages

This book should come with a caution: "Warning, the book you are about to read contains graphically violent scenes.  Be prepared to skip over some pages."  Yes, I realize this is a murder mystery, but WOW!  But I will say, in typical James Patterson style, it is a quick read and a page turner.  Young, beautiful women from the same wealthy suburb are being viciously murdered, their faces disfigured and a fistful of copied $100.00 notes stuffed in their vaginas, a Chinese gang has kidnapped and murdered a powerful businessman's son, and a famous rock star is trying to avoid the "twenty-seven club".  They all need the help of the newest Private office in Australia.  Although some Patterson die-hard fans will love this book, it is not one I would recommend.

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