Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Misadventures of Edgar and Alan Poe: Once Upon a Midnight Eerie by Gordon McAlpine 192 pages

Identical twins Edgar and Alan Poe are now in New Orleans to star in a film as their great-great-great-great uncle, Edgar Alan Poe. While working on the set, the boys meet twin sisters Em and Milly Dickenson, great-great-great-great nieces of Emily Dickenson. After filming one night, Edgar, Alan, Em, and Milly decide to take a cemetery tour and end up meeting two ghosts, Clarence and Genevieve Du Valier, who were killed by two famous pirates, Pierre and Jean Lafitte. Before the ghosts can move on from this world, their crimes must be solved.

Edgar Alan Poe, from the Great Beyond, is still trying to send messages to his great-great-great-great nephews, but gets in trouble when adding to the films script using the words of his supervisor William Shakespeare. After having a conference with the great poet Homer and Shakespeare, Poe gets demoted to the animal room. The place where everyone dreads.

Once Upon a Midnight Eerie takes place right after The Tell-Tale Start. Once again, Edgar and Alan find themselves solving a mystery as well as having to save their lives, as someone else is wanting the boys dead.

This was read by Arte Johnson.

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