Thursday, January 8, 2015

Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes (A YA novel) 328 pages

Anika considers herself a half-breed.  She live in Lincoln NE with her mother and her step-father she refers to as the Ogre.  Her father is from Romania.  She is the third most popular girl in school, a fact she attributes to hanging out with mean-girl Becky.  Becky rules the roost and her favorite past-time is starting vicious rumors and destroying people's lives.  Anika is so terrified of becoming a victim, she follows along.  Then, former nerd, Logan, shows up for school cool.  He drives a moped, got a haircut, and sports a leather jacket.  He starts giving Anika a ride home from school, but their budding relationship comes to a halt when Anika sees a dark side of Logan she cannot erase from her mind.  

This book is all about making choices and I rather enjoyed it, except for the unnecessary profanity, right up to the end, which was really lame. Too bad the author could not have thought of a better way to wrap things up.  Can't wait to see what the teens think of this book.

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