Monday, January 12, 2015

Free to Fall, a YA novel by Lauren Miller 469 pages

This was a great thought provoking book.  The year is 2032 and everyone is controlled by their handheld devices.  It stores all their likes and dislikes, tracks everywhere you go and everything you do so that you do not have to make any decisions for yourself.  You just ask "Lux", the decision making app.  Those who listen to their inner voices, "their gut" are outsiders, shunned, psychotic.  
Rory is a junior in high school just accepted to the prestigious Theden Academy.  If she graduates, her successful future is guaranteed.  But the more familiar Rory becomes with the people at Theden, the more questions she has and the more her inner voice speaks to her.  All is not as it seems.  In addition, she seems to fall hard for North, a handsome tattooed barista form the local town.  He is banned from Theden for breaking and entering.  Rory is drawn to his intelligence. Little does she know of the secrets he keeps.  
I really liked this book and found all the reference to people walking around, looking down at their devices very timely..

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