Thursday, February 26, 2015

a matter of days by Amber Kizer 269 pages

I would best describe this novel as a pre-dystopian novel.  A pandemic has wiped out most of civilization.  There is no form of communication, no water, no electricity.  You must scrounge and scavenge for your needs.  This is the world of sixteen-year-old Nadia and her brother Rabbit.  But they have one advantage: their uncle, Bean, was military and they were injected with a serum.  Now they must make their way from Seattle to West Virginia and the family compound where Bean and Pappi are waiting for them. Their deceased father taught them to "be the cockroach".  After all, you kill one cockroach and 10 more appear, right?  So he taught them to adapt and never give up.  To persevere.  But there are other survivors out there.  Friend or foe?  It makes for an interesting journey.

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