Friday, February 6, 2015

Cane and Abe by James Grippando 353 pagesd

I am just not sure where to begin with this book.  It has more twists and turns than a carnival ride!  Abe Beckham is one of Miami's top prosecutors, but that does not make him a smart man.  He had a beautiful wife that he deeply loved and he cheated on her.  Then when she died of cancer, he married an old girlfriend he basically dumped when he met his wife.  And that is just how messed up his personal life is.  In Miami, there is a serial killer loose.  Someone who uses a machete, like the ones used to cut sugar cane.  Well, guess what, Abe's former father n law used to cut cane.  He is in a nursing home now, but when Abe's ex-lover is found murdered and his current wife, Angelina suddenly disappears, Abe seems to be the number one suspect.  FBI Agent Santos is investigating him relentlessly.  Abe needs to help solve this murder but he is definitely persona non grata to law enforcement.  Good luck, Abe.  You will need it.

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