Monday, June 22, 2015

Cash Landing by James Grippando 364 pages

I enjoy James Grippando's books and this was a quick read, but I think the Subtitle should be:  "The Dumb and Dumber of Criminal Minds."  Ruban has the perfect set up.  Millions of dollars in cash come into Miami airport on a regular basis.  Unloaded in a warehouse and then loaded onto armored trucks, there is a moment in time when the bundles of green are vulnerable.  Especially if you have help from the inside.  However, Ruban may have a great plan, but as we all know, great plans are only as strong as the weakest links, and there are plenty of weak links in Ruban's gang.  

This novel will not go down as the best story ever told, but it was nice for a summer read.  

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