Thursday, July 16, 2015

Get Happy by Mary Amato 226 pages A Young Adult Novel

Minerva is something of a free spirit.  She wears colorful, striped leggings, wants to play the ukulele, writes her own music and walks around singing.  She and her best friend, Fin, are quite willing to take on the world together.  However, Minerva's Mom just does not get it. She is super organized, buys Minerva old lady sweaters for her birthday, worries obsessively about her, and for 15 years has been telling her lies.  Everything starts to unravel on Minerva's 16th birthday when she receives a surprise birthday gift from her absentee father, who may not have been so absentee after all.   I like Minerva, Fin and their friend Hayes.  I like  Minerva's music.  I do not like her drama, her temper or her sneakiness, but hey, she is a teenager and her Mother is not that great of a role model.   This was an entertaining read and I see sequels in the future.

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