Monday, July 20, 2015

Nemesis by Catherine Coulter 384 pages

This is another great FBI thriller from Catherine Coulter.  Sherlock and Savich split up to take on the bad guys in this latest edition in their series.  Lacey Sherlock is just trying to get home when a man in the airport security line pulls out a grenade and threatens to blow everyone sky high.  Sherlock diffuses the situation, gets the bad guy in custody but that is only the beginning of her adventures in New York as she becomes entangled in the mystery of why this mild mannered man from England, with a wife and children would attempt this act of terrorism.  Now Sherlock must solve the puzzle before his family become victims also.  And who is trying to blow up St. Patrick's Cathedral?

Meanwhile, Savich becomes involved with some witches when he tries to find out why 2 normal, happy guys with bright futures would stick a knife into their friends' hearts and then not remember anything.  Let's just say, it comes to Savich in a dream.  Oh my, you will have to read to figure this one out!

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