Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Plague Tales by Ann Benson, 474 pages

  The Plague Tales begins in an altered reality of the present. The present situation wouldn't be playing out as it is without a much deeper, past story full of characters. 
  Today’s story involves archaeological research and a sterile lab in which something quickly goes wrong . . . as in potential-bubonic plague-pandemic-wrong. 
  The past story about a 14th Century Jewish physician who pushed beyond culturally accepted boundaries of medical discovery kept me reading. I’m a sucker for books of all kinds set in pre-20th Century Europe. 
  The book wraps up both fast-paced story lines with suitable endings but then tacks on a two-page epilogue that sets up more to come . . . a tactic that irritates me. I see online that two more books have followed. If I ever get beyond being annoyed by the epilogue, I might read them because I liked the book itself.

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