Wednesday, June 27, 2018

She Loves You (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) by Ann Hood, 256 Pages

I've been looking forward to reading this one for months, and it was finally released earlier this week! This is classified as juvenile fiction, but I think anyone would enjoy it- especially a Beatles lover, like me! I grew up loving The Beatles, and can remember the first time my dad played a Beatles album for me, and this book really captures that feeling and put it into words.

Twelve-year-old Trudy Mixer is a Beatles fanatic. She starts up the first Beatles Fan Club of Rhode Island, and everyone quickly joins, catapulting Trudy to the top of the social ladder. Unfortunately, the club fizzles out and even her best friend, Michelle, leaves the club to join the Cheerleading Club. Things start to perk up when Trudy realizes that The Beatles are coming to Boston, and her dad buys 4 tickets for her, her mom, her dad and her now ex-friend, Michelle to attend. Things once again start to go downhill when Michelle turns down the offer to go, Trudy's dad is forced to leave for a business trip overseas days before the concert, and Trudy's mom breaks her leg, leaving her bed-ridden. Trudy is devastated, thinking she'll have to miss the concert, until she creates a plan to not only go to the concert with the remaining (and extremely unpopular) members of the club, but they're going to meet the one and only Paul McCartney.

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