Monday, March 9, 2015

Cold Cold Heart by Tami Hoag 384 pages

Beware, this one could give you nightmares!  Dana Nolan was a successful young TV reporter.  Beautiful, perky, intelligent, she was on her way up.  Then, she is abducted, tortured, raped, and disfigured by a serial killer.  But Dana is stronger than she looks and she manages to kill her abductor and survive. Her memory has huge holes and she cannot remember what was done to her.  She calls herself After Dana.  After Dana is ugly.  After Dana has no filter and blurts things out.  After Dana dresses sloppily and tries to hide deep in the hood of a sweatshirt.  After Dana is also determined to use Before Dana's research skills to solve the disappearance of her best friend Casey.  What happened to Casey? Is she still alive?  Who took her? Was it Casey's dark and brooding boyfriend from the other side of the tracks, or was it the same evil man that abducted Dana?  Could their cases be related? For the answers to these questions and more you will need to read the book.  Beware! 

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