Monday, March 2, 2015

Out of the Easy by Ruta Supetys 346 pages

This is a YA novel and a 2015-2016 Gateway nominee.  I would recommend it to older teens.  Set in 1950, this is the story of Josie, daughter of a prostitute, named for a famous prostitute.  She has grown up in New Orleans under the watchful and protective eye of Willie, the madam.  Josie is a smart girl, street smart and intellectual.  Her one goal in life is to get out of New Orleans and into Smith College in Massachusetts.  However, we all know how sometimes life does not go as planned.  Josie's mother takes up with a gangster and when they skip out on a debt owed the mob, the mob comes after Josie.  Will she abandon all her principles to pay the debt?  Will she have to abandon her dream of Smith College?  Oh, you do not really expect me to answer those questions for you, do you?  

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