Friday, March 6, 2015

Will In Scarlet by Matthew Cody 260 pages

Do you love the tale of Robin Hood?  I do!  This was a wonderful take on the legend, told from the perspective of Will Scarlet.  Liberties were taken with the original legend, but there's nothing saying it couldn't have happened this way just as easily.  I loved the portrayals of the players.  When we meet Will, he is living in Shackley House, awaiting his father's return from crusading with King Richard.  Will's uncle, Jeff, has been managing in his brother's absence to keep their area running smoothly.  Enter Sir Guy of Gisborne and the Sheriff of Nottingham and let the adventure ensue!  This was a beautifully told, highly enjoyable spin on Robin Hood's legend.  I loved the characters and the way we learn about Robin, John and the others.  Their introductions are funny and heartwarming.  I listened to this Mark Twain 2015-2016 nominee on audio.  Maxwell Caulfield did an excellent job of giving each character a voice without ever being a distraction.

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