Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Deceptive Homecoming by Anna Loan-Wilsey, 304 pages

This is book #4 in the Hattie Davish cozy mystery series by Anna Loan-Wilsey.  Two of the library's book clubs are reading the book this year because it is set in St. Joseph. 

It is 1893 and traveling secretary and amateur sleuth Hattie Davish has returned to her hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri to attend the funeral of her friend's father.  But . . . all is not as it should be in good ol' St. Joe. 

I am not a big fan of cozy mysteries, I guess I like a bit of grit and gore.  However, this was a fun book because it was set it St. Joseph and our heroine visited Mt. Mora Cemetery, the Lunatic Asylum, Lover's Lane and many other familiar places.  And not to worry, she also solved that pesky mystery along the way.

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