Friday, May 27, 2016

Time of Fog and Fire by Rhys Bowen 277 pages

This is the latest in the Molly Murphy series.  Molly's husband, NYPD Captain Daniel Sullivan, is on the outs with his bosses, so when an offer comes from Secret Servce Director John Wilkie to do some undercover work, Daniel jumps at the chance.  It is so secret, he cannot even tell Molly where he is going!  But she spots him on a newsreel at the cinema!  He is at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.  When she then receives a cryptic letter from him, she and Baby Liam take the train across country to track Daniel down.  When she arrives, she is told Captain Sullivan has met an untimely death! Oh!  Say it ain't so!  Molly is taken under the wing of influential San Franciscan and Nob Hill resident Bella Rodriguez.  But all is not as it seems and just when Molly thinks she has the pieces to solve the puzzle,  the San Francisco earthquake hits and chaos ensues.  Will she ever make it back to New York with her family intact?
An interesting side note:  While reading this I noticed an error.  Molly's train stops in Council Bluffs, IA, then crosses the Mississippi River into the western frontier.  Not!  So I e-mailed the author and received a prompt reply:

Oh dear. So many people have caught this error. Sorry. The embarrassing thing is that I have driven across that bridge a couple of times so I should have known better. Also my manuscript is read by a whole line of editors who should have checked my facts.
At least she got to San Francisco safely?

Best wishes
Rhys Bowen

Cool, right?!

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