Thursday, May 26, 2016

Endangered by C.J. Box 369 pages

This is a real page turner so be prepared!  Once again, Game Warden Joe Pickett is in it up to his eyeballs.  1st of all, daughter April, the wild child, has been found on the side of the road, severely beaten with head trauma.  Boyfriend Dallas Cates, youngest son of the despicable Cates family, is the primary suspect but he has an alibi!  Thrown by a bucking bull, he is laid up with broken ribs and other injuries. Meanwhile, someone has ambushed Nate Romanowski and he is near death, but where is his companion, Liv Brannon?  And this is just the drama in Joe's private life!  Someone has wiped out LEK 64, a brace of grouse that the Feds have been monitoring as a possible endangered species.  Can Joe solve this crime and keep it together for his family?  Well.....we are talking Joe Pickett!

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