Monday, December 8, 2014

Betrayed by Lisa Scottoline 340 pages

Oh My Gosh!  I was stressed out just reading this book!  Judy Carrier is the main character in this latest novel about the all woman Rosato and Associates law firm.  Judy's beloved Aunt Barb has kept her breast cancer diagnosis secret from Judy and her mother until she realizes she will need surgery -- and let's just say this is the least of the secrets she is keeping.  Meanwhile, Judy's live-in boyfriend, Frank, is being irresponsible and jeapordizing their relationship.  Things are not going well at work when senior partner Bennie Rosato wants Judy to handle some income creating work that Judy's uncomfortable handling.  But what really puts Judy's life in danger is when she starts investigating the sudden death of Aunt Barb's best friend, Iris, an illegal immigrant.  The discovery of large sums of money hidden all over Aunt Barb's house sends Judy into the shadowy world of vulnerable people who cannot go to the police when preyed upon by the ruthless.  All this happens in the space of along weekend!!!  YIKES!

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