Thursday, December 4, 2014

Reunion by Hannah Pittard 271 pages

Reunion is the story of the family Stan Pulaski, who has committed suicide.  The story is told by Kate, his youngest daughter from his first (of five total) marriages.  Kate and her two siblings meet in Atlanta, where they were born and raised and where Stan took his life, in order to make funeral arrangements.

Kate’s marriage is on the brink of falling apart, her finances are a mess and she has lied to her siblings about her circumstances for so long she does not know how to start telling them the truth.  Between the grief and anger she feels about losing her father, who was not kind to her during his life, and the emotions caused by meeting up with so many ex-wives and step-siblings, she has quite the time of it.

This book was both funny and sad.  I think it would make a good book club selection.

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