Monday, December 8, 2014

Broken Harbor by Tana French 450 pages

Dublin's Murder Squad star detective Mike "Scorcher" Kennedy is hard nosed, hard working and focused.  So when this latest murder lands in his lap, he thinks it will be an easy solve.  A family is dead, the 2 children suffocated, the father stabbed to death, the mother barely hanging on.  There are baby monitors throughout the house.  But Kennedy and his rookie partner, Richie, soon discover strange things have been going on in this house. Not only that, but Broken Harbor holds tragic childhood memories for Kennedy and the fact that he is working this case sends his mentally disturbed sister, Dina, off the rails.  Scorcher has his hands full with this one.  Will he succeed or be destroyed?  My favorite quote from this book is "Boring is a gift from God.  Life has more than enough excitement up its sleeve....without you adding to the drama."  But really his book is about people who think so much of others opinions that they build carefully constructed facades to the detriment of what might really be important in life.  Another good Dublin Murder Squad read by French.  Look out Patterson!

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