Monday, December 8, 2014

The Cinderella Murder by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke 303 pages

Okay, let me just say, I LOVE Mary Higgins Clark.  In this latest mystery she has teamed with Alafair Burke in what she promises is the 1st in a series.

Laurie Moran returns in this novel and she has found the ideal case for her TV program "Under Suspicion" where they revisit cold cases and try to solve them. 

UCLA student Susan Dempsey was murdered 20 years ago, the evening of her father's 60th birthday, on her way to an acting audition.  Her mother is looking for closure.  What happened to Susan?  Was it her jealous roommate? Her sketchy boyfriend?  Or did it have something to do with a controversial church that was active on campus?  As Laurie and her crew start to investigate, people close to the investigation are murdered.  They are hot on the trail but can they find the murderer before Laurie herself comes too close to danger?  A MUST READ!

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