Saturday, December 20, 2014

Woman with a Gun by Phillip Margolin 291 pages

Wow!  This was a cool book!  Stacey Kim is an aspiring author working in a law firm in New York when she sees a photo in an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It so intrigues her she knows it will be the basis for her book.  She moves to Palisades Heights to meet the photographer and get the story behind the picture.  What she finds is an unsolved 10-year-old murder, a wealthy man killed the night of his wedding to the bride pictured on the beach with an antique revolver behind her back.  The more Stacey learns about that night, the more twists and turns the tale takes, and the more dangerous it becomes for her.  

This short book will keep you turning the pages.  What really makes it interesting that indeed, this book was inspired by this photograph!  Don't forget to read the acknowledgments at the end to get the full story!

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