Monday, December 8, 2014

Private India: A Ciy on Fire by James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi 352 Pages

I have never been to India and if I were to rely on this book as a travel guide to Mumbai, I would NEVER go!  This book is the latest in the "Private" series.  Jack Morgan has opened the Mumbai branch of this elite detective agency. Someone is strangling seemingly random women with yellow scarves.  It is up to Santosh Wagh and the rest of his Private crew to discover how these ritualistic murders are related before it is too late, perhaps for one of their own, perhaps for all of Mumbai.

The author paints this city teeming with 13 million inhabitants as crowded, dirty, and smelly.  A place where no one is honest and anything or anyone is available, for a price.  Beware, the final chapter takes place at the Tower of Silence, a green oasis within the concrete hustle and bustle of Mumbai  A place were the poor of Mumbai leave their dead, their bodies laid out to be shredded and eaten by the circling vultures, the bones bleached by the sun and left to disintegrate into a fine powder.

Yeah, don't think I will be visiting anytime soon

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