Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My Life in Dioramas by Tara Altebrando 255 pages

This was a really lovely middle grade book about growing up and having to deal with change.  Kate has a lot of things changing in her life.  Her best friend is acting like a different person, one that Kate doesn't always like.  It seems that everyone around her is getting crushes, but Kate is unsure what that even means.  Worst of all, her parents are broke and have to sell the only home Kate has ever known, Big Red, a huge farmhouse with loads of charm.  Kate is heartbroken thinking about leaving the big yard with the stream running nearby, the barn with a resident cat and her kittens, all the memories she has ever known.  Not to mention all her friends.  So, Kate decides to postpone the sale by sabotaging the open house viewings.  Will she be successful and be able to perform in the dance competition still weeks away?  Just in case, or perhaps because she knows it's inevitable, Kate begins making detailed dioramas depicting every room of Big Red.  This was a very touching story with completely believable characters you enjoyed getting to know.  I highly recommend it to 3rd grade readers on up.

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