Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout, 330 pages

This is the August reading selection for the Downtown Library's book club.  The book is mostly set in Shirley Falls, Maine and New York City.  It is the story of Jim, Bob and Susan Burgess, whose father died when Jim was 8 and twins Bob and Susan were 4.  All of the children were affected by his death and how it happened.

They are all now adults.  Jim and Bob are both lawyers in NYC.  Jim, is wildly successful with an upper class wife and family.  Bob is divorced, childless and works for Legal Aid.  Susan, also divorced, lives in Maine with her socially awkward 19 year old son Zach who gets sideways with the law.  The siblings all come together to try and help get Zach out of the legal jam.  Pain, anger, growth, reconciliation and a poignant story follows.

Elizabeth Strout writes a great tale.

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