Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Misadventures of Edgar and Allan Poe: Once Upon a Midnight Eerie by Gordon McAlpine 170 pages

This was another really fun, farcical romp with the Poe twins.  Edgar and Allan have been hired to play their great-great-great-great-great uncle in a film.  The production is set in New Orleans and it doesn't take long for our heroes to become friends with some unusual locals.  Namely, the ghosts of some long ago residents.  The two boys, who essentially share one brain, embark on an adventure that has only a little to do with making movies.  They become friends with another set of twins, Em and Milly Dickinson.  With the help of the girls, they might be able to avoid the nefarious villains bent on their demise.  Sure, you need a healthy suspension of disbelief for this one, but it is totally worth it!  Edgar and Allan are so completely likable and the antics they get up to are so fun to imagine, you won't regret giving this middle grade series a try.  I listened to this installment which was read by Arte Johnson.  He was perfection itself.

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