Sunday, April 17, 2016

Floors by Patrick Carman 272 pages

Leo Fillmore lives at the Whippet Hotel with his father. Leo knows the ends and outs of the Whippet, especially since his father is the janitor. The Whippet is not your ordinary hotel. Each floor has its own wacky design. When Mr. Whippet goes missing, Leo receives a cryptic box, which leads him to three more boxes.

Leo meets Remi, the new door boy. Remi is so excited to be working at The Whippet for the summer. Leo recruits Remi into helping him as he investigates the boxes as well as secret levels of the hotel.

The Whippet seems to be falling apart; it is up to Leo and Remi to locate Mr. Whippet before its too late.

This was read by Jesse Bernstein.

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