Thursday, April 7, 2016

Gone Again by James Grippando 390 pages

What would you do?  Or more like "What wouldn't you do?"  Gavin and Debra Burgette have the perfect family.  Successful father, devoted mother, and lovely daughter.  Then they decide to adopt a son from Russia, the perfect son, who also happens to have a sister.  But Sashi is far from perfect and one day, after another huge fight, she runs away, again.  This time, she does not come home and Dylan Reeves is arrested after an article of Sashi's clothing is found in his car. But Debra does not belief her adopted daughter is dead, especially after she receives phone calls on the anniversary of her birthday, silent calls.  With Dylan Reeves' execution just days away, Attorney Jack Swyteck is called in and he starts digging into the circumstances of Sashi's disappearance.  The deeper he digs, the more he finds that things are not as they seem. Not the victim, not the alleged killer, and not the Burgette's perfect little family.  But the clock is ticking.  Can Jack dig deep enough to find the truth before time runs out for his death row client?  

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