Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen 368 pages

A serial killer is loose in the streets of Boston. The killer is sneaking into women’s homes, while they are sleeping. After brutally murdering them, he folds their nightgowns, which becomes signature of him. Due to the method of the killings, the media dubs the killer “The Surgeon.”

When Detectives Jane Rizzoli and Thomas Moore are put on the case, they realize that the murders are similar to ones that took place in Georgia several years earlier. The serial killer in Savannah, Georgia, was stopped when his last victim, Dr. Catherine Cordell, shot him. Now Catherine lives in Boston as a cardiac surgeon.

As the murders continue, Catherine is getting more and more nervous. She thinks that someone is breaking into her house and office. She is the only person to help catch the killer, but is it a copycat or did the original killer have a partner?

This was read by Dennis Boutsikaris.

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