Saturday, April 16, 2016

Made For You by Melissa Marr 384 pages

This book is told in three perspectives: Eva, Grace, and Judge.

Eva Tilling wakes up in a hospital bed after being hit by a car walking home one night. She also discovers that she has a new skill, she can see how a person will die when they touch her. During her recover, Eva reconciles with an old friend, Nate, who is hired to help Eva.

Grace Young is Eva’s best friend who is an outsider, having come to North Carolina from Pennsylvania. Eva’s friends accept Grace because of Eva.

Judge is obsessed with Eva. He is also killing girls trying to send messages to Eva through flowers.

With the help of Nate and Grace, Eva uses her new skill to determine who the next victims will be. Will the trio be able to solve the murders before they are next?

This book is a Gateway Award nominee and was read by Shannon McManus, MacLeod Andrews, and Samantha Quinn. This book was intense and hard to put down. 

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