Sunday, April 17, 2016

Flunked (Fairy Tale Reform School) by Jen Calonita 256 pages

Gillian Cobbler lives in a boot with her parents and five brothers and sisters. Gilly steals the things her family needs, to make things meet. She was a good thief, until one day she gets caught. Gilly is sent to Fairy Tale Reform School.

Fairy Tale Reform School is ran by former villains like the Big Bad Wolf and the Evil Queen. It is where mischievous children on the path to becoming villains go to be put on the path of heroes. While at school, Gilly and her friends Jax and Kayla must fight Gargoyles and help save the lives of princesses such as Snow White and Cinderella.

Gilly, Jax, and Kayla need to figure out just how good the former villains are?

This was read by Kristin Condon.

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