Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Keep Her Safe by Sophie Hannah, 384 Pages

I had really high hopes for this book and it let me down, unfortunately. It’s another one that’s been on my “To Read” list for a while. I’m still not completely sure why I disliked this book like I did. I know that I didn’t enjoy the writing style- there was just too much “filler” in there for me. And, I found the main character extremely annoying. Not to judge anyone, but running away from your family, including your kids, when you’re facing a difficult time just isn’t realistic to me. I could maybe see having a night away, but the main character leaving the country for over a week is just too much. 
Cara is facing a life-changing situation and isn’t sure how to cope, so she runs. She leaves without telling her family goodbye (aside from a note left behind) and books a stay at a five-star resort in a whole different country. Upon arrival, she’s sent to her room, or what she thought was her room. Inside, she finds a man and a young woman. Without much thought of the encounter, she goes to her actual room and gets some sleep. But, Cara soon realizes that the girl she thinks she saw in the room that night couldn’t have been there… because she is a very well-known murder victim, Melody Chapa. Cara’s relaxing getaway soon turns into a stressful search of the missing girl who everyone around her believes she is making up.

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