Monday, October 20, 2014

Deadline by John Sandford 388 pages

This novel by John Sandford is the latest in his Virgil Flowers series.  I always enjoy Sandford's books and this one was especially good.  Why?  Well, because it was about dogs, of course!  The school board of a small Minnesota town has been skimming funds for years!  Then a local reporter starts sniffing around.  He may be one of the down and out town drunks now, but in his day he was a great investigative reporter and the school board decides he must be silenced.  Meanwhile, one of Flowers' good buddies asks for his help.  Local dogs are disappearing, stolen from their owners.  Small dogs, big dogs, expensive hunting dogs, family pets are being round up and sold to medical labs.  Virgil gets drawn in to both dramas, but never fear!  There is a happy ending and Virgil goes home with a dog!

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